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Masjid Saad Ibn Majid

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January 19, 2017
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December 20, 2017

Masjid Saad Ibn Majid (also known as Masjid aal Saad) is a beautiful mosque in the Maa’mura / Abu Hamur area.

It is famous for its Yemeni Imam Shaykh Dr. Ali Hasan Jamal. He gives excellent sermons on Friday. The Friday Khutbah is followed by a translation in English by one of the brothers.

It also has a Tahfeez (quran learning and memorization) classes on Weekdays between Asr prayer and Isha prayers. You can enroll your kids. There is no fees but sometimes you may be put in the waiting list. You must enroll early and follow up.

It is packed on Fridays and Ramadhan. Make sure you come in early to get parking near the mosque.

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