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Education City Mosque

Parent & Our Responsibilities Towards Them
November 20, 2016
Dr Omar Abdelkafy
January 19, 2017

This fascinating mosque has quickly become the new highlight on Doha’s remarkable skyline and it is a welcome addition to the architectural collection in the region’s main university hub.

The Education City Mosque is open to the public. The facility has the capacity to host 1,800 worshipers in its main prayer hall and exterior courtyards.
It holds a lecture every Friday, with translations for non-Arabic speaking members of the community.

The two minarets stretch up to 90 m into the sky and point straight towards Makkah.

The mosque’s exterior elevation is covered with embossed verses from the Qur’an, whereas hundreds of small round windows perforate the fluid, white, cavernous structure.

Representing the five pillars of Islam, the mosque rests on five main structural columns. Four streams of water flow from the surrounding gardens into the building, each representing wine, milk, honey and water.

The mosque is the first truly modern structure for worshipers in the region and has already become the inspiration behind similar projects proposed in other cites of the region.

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